Two Groups are Joining Together

In 2008, a fire destroyed several buildings on 7th Avenue, including Otterbein United Methodist
Church. During that time, the congregation learned that the “Church” is not a building and that
dramatic changes were needed to revitalize their ministry.

In September 2010, a ministry began to people in recovery. Crossroads to Recovery was
a Sunday evening worship service aimed at helping all of us, whatever our “issues,” to find
healing and freedom as we experience the presence of Jesus Christ in worship and prayer.

By the spring of 2011, it seemed God was doing a new work. The leaders of Otterbein felt
called to do ministry in a new way. And those attending Crossroads to Recovery sensed God
leading them to be a part of a local church which ministered healing to the addicted, abused and
broken of Beaver Falls.

Ashes to Life

The new name reflects the rebirth of a church that has literally gone through the fire. It also
points the way toward a ministry of helping people rise from the ashes of addiction, dysfunction
and pain.

A New Church in the Following Ways

A new name both groups can own.

A new way of doing ministry: Instead of organizing around programs, Ashes to Life is developing a community of small groups called “cells”.

A new focus: As William Temple once said, the church is the only organization that exists for its nonmembers. We believe ministry should be focused outward.

A new style of worship: We believe contemporary music enables both young and old to enter worship passionately.

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