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Absolutely Convinced

Hi Sisters and Brothers in Christ!

What is the best type of Bible to own? Hm. So many people have different opinions . . .

But I am absolutely convinced the best Bible to own is one that you will actually read. Some are more accurate than others, but readability is so important.

This is why on Sunday mornings I use the New Living Translation (NLT). It is easy to understand, and yet it is not so loose in its translation that it strays far in accuracy.

I am also absolutely convinced that you need to have a hard copy. An actually Bible that you can hold in your hands. The latest brain research tells us that simply reading the Bible on our phones does not penetrate the gray matter quite like holding it in our hands, making notes on pages, flipping through from cover to cover to find what you are looking for.

One more thing I am absolutely convinced of is that life is going to become more challenging for Christians in the next decade. We definitely need to know what we believe and how the Bible teaches us the truth.

If I have absolutely convinced you, and you don’t have a Bible, here is a link to an NLT Bible that is on sale. Just a little over ten bucks! Grab one. Get familiar with it. Wear it out.


We need a firm grip on the truth.

Absolutely convinced!

Pastor Mark

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