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Already, but Not Quite Yet


Last Sunday we met in worship for the first time in a LONG time. I haven’t gone that many weeks without Sunday worship since I was pumping gas as a senior in high school. So it was so wonderful to get back together, despite the masks and social distancing.

And yet our county is still in the yellow. Not the green. And there’s the possibility we will end up back in the red. We are having a taste of the “already and not yet” of the Kingdom of God.

You’ve heard me teach on that before, haven’t you? It is the era that we live in right now as we await the coming of Jesus. Between his first coming and second coming, we experience the benefits of the Kingdom as “already” here, but not quite yet in their fullness.

For example, those who are born again are already experiencing the presence of God through his Holy Spirit. But at the Second Coming of Jesus (or when we get to heaven), we will experience God face to face. 

And each time we gather for worship, whether socially distanced or wrapped in hugs, we get a taste of the banquet we will one day experience whole hog in heaven.

Be patient in the midst of the COVID chaos. And join us for worship when you can. And know that this season of “already and not yet” will eventually end.

The peace of Jesus to you!

Pastor Mark

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